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The printout system is a system in which original documents are stored in an electronic data format. The printout system covers preparation of data files in an electronic format from the beginning or conversion of documents and messages into an electronic format to be printed out as documents for use in referring to data stored in an electronic format.
Currently, government or private organizations are increasingly storing data in electronic formats. At the same time, transactions with some agencies may continue to require the use of paper documents. Therefore, electronic data printouts that can be used in place of original documents are important in the transition from using paper documents to the exclusive use of electronic data. This makes printout systems used to prepare electronic data printouts important and creates a need for examination and assessment to determine consistency with the Electronic Transactions Committee (ETC) Notification on Printout Certification and Printout System Efficiency.
The Electronic Transactions Committee declared the ETDA a printout certification agency with the authority to authorize certification of electronic data printouts to be used as references for electronic data and effectively used in place of original documents.