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Web Validation

Web Validation, or the TEDA Web Validation Portal, is a system for testing e-document reliability. This service system was prepared by the ETDA to assist organizations and entrepreneurs by providing resources for validating e-documents in the areas of e-time stamping and e-signature reliability including e-tax invoice reliability.

e-Document validation services provided via the TEDA Web Validation Portal can validate e-time stamping, any changes to e-signatures, e-signature details including the e-signature owner’s data, the completeness and accuracy of documents according to structures registered with ETDA and the structural completeness and validity of e-tax invoices. Validation models are consistent with cryptography methods.

Web validation services offered by the ETDA support e-documents created and saved in the PDF or PDF/A-3 (.pdf) or XML (.xml) formats including documents under the e-Tax Invoice by Email Project and the e-Tax invoice and e-Receipt Project.
Channels of access to services include websites and API with no service fees charged.

Web Validation


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