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ETDA Connect is a basic service for facilitating identity authentication consistent with the OpenID Connect international standard. ETDA Connect governs connections of authentication systems between the Identity Provider (IdP) and the Relying Party in order to have a trusted environment.

ETDA Connect was designed for the following two benefits:

  1. ETDA Connect facilitates and connects authentication systems between IdP and RP, by functioning as a center in the connection between the IdP and RP authentication systems to resolve inconveniences and complications when linking systems. In other words, after the RP connects a system to ETDA Connect, they can use authentication services from all IdPs connected to ETDA Connect without needing to modify their systems to connect with multiple IdPs. In the other direction, IdPs with systems connected to ETDA Connect can provide authentication services for all RPs connected to ETDA Connect. This reduces system difficulties and interoperability problems.
  2. ETDA Connect governs authentication processes because authentication to use RP services needs binding legal effects on RPs and users. Therefore, authentication system governance is a major factor in building confidence in electronic transactions. Authentication system connections via ETDA Connect give confidence in the identity proving processes of IdPs that offer services and confidence in authentications consistent with the standards and legal requirements involved because every IdP connected to ETDA Connect is required to be certified and tested in line with identity proving and authentication standards suitable for each type of electronic transaction.

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